Foam Polishing Pads

DA Foam Polishing Pads

The DA Pad Range is specially developed for dual action polishers.
These pads are designed to restore neglected paint and are perfect for compounding, polishing and finishing on any paintwork.





SLIMLINE Foam Polishing Pads

The SLIMLINE Pads are perfectly suitable dual action polishers and gear driven polishers. These pads have an 18mm thickness to improve stability and control during polishing.


SANDWICH Foam Polishing Pads

These pads have a dual-layer built up and are designed for heavy-duty dual action polishers, especially long throw polishers.
This line is developed to offer durability and constant results.




CLASSIC Foam Polishing Pads

This range is designed for use with rotary polishers and is made of
professional grade foams.



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