Applicators & Accessories


UFO Applicator

Soft and ultra soft foam hand applicator with safe tapered edges.
Ideal for applying waxes or sealants by hand.






Microfiber Applicator

Soft microfiber hand applicator with pocket for both interior and exterior use of your car.





Wash Mitts

Wool Wash Mitts

Super soft Merino wool wash mitts for washing your car, boat or caravan.
All made of top quality and always ensure a smooth result!




Microfiber Wash Mitt

Mix of long microfibres that gives an excellent swirl free finish on your car or boat.
The mitt has a built-in foam layer, which provides great water absoprtion.




Foam Polishing Cones

Foam Cones

Complete range of foam polishing cones for polishing hard to reach spots.
With spindle to attach on drilling machines.







Scruff Balls

An extensive range of multi-layered non-woven abrasive scruff balls for cleaning and scuffing of metals, paint and wood.

Available in various grades from coarse to ultra fine and non-scratch.

For high gloss finishing use the cotton and molton scruff balls.







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