Grey Striped Microfiber Floorpad

This Pad with grey scrubbing stripes is for intense use. Recommended for depth cleaning of stone- and tile floors. Ideally suitable for non-slipping floors.




Blue Striped Microfiber Pad

Daily microfiber cleaning pad with blue scrub stripes for deep cleaning. Can be used wet or dry. Extends floor life or floor finish without any damage.





Blue Striped Poly Floorpad

The ultra fine poly pad with blue stripes is a versatile pad for general usage.
Recommended for usage on stone- and tile floors, natural stone floors, wood and vinyl.




White Microfiber Floorpad

The combination between polyester and polyamide penetrates deep into the surface and removes dirt from the smallest pores. This white pad without scrubbing stripes is recommended for usage on delicate floors.




Green Poly Floorpad

The high quality polyester wool fibres penetrate deep into the floor surface.
Designed for high gloss polishing of stone- and tile floors at speeds up to 1500 RPM. This polishing and burnishing pad will not damage the finish on uneven floors.




White Wool Floorpad

Extra dense wool floorpad ideally used for oiling and high gloss finishing of wooden floors.






Heavy-Duty Carpet Bonnet Pad

This heavy-duty carpet bonnet pad is strong and robust, constructed of both microfiber material and black monofilament agitation stripes. This combination provides a greater area of agitating material as oppossed to standard heavy-duty pads. Making this pad suitable for cleaning even the most soiled carpets and restoring the carpet fibres at the same time.


Medium-Duty Carpet Bonnet Pad

This versatile pad, designed for cleaning carpets and upholstery, is made of looped white polyamide with green scrubbing stripes. The polyamide absorbs the dirt from the carpet very easily while the green scrubbing stripes loosens up the dirt first. Ideal for aggressive soil lessening and dirt trapping to produce a cleaner surface area.



Light-Duty Carpet Bonnet Pad

A light-duty pad for cleaning carpets and upholstery, made with a thick layer of looped white polyamide. The polyamide absorbs the dirt from the carpet very easily and therefore is ideally for use on carpets in high traffic areas where drying time needs to be quick.




Green Power Brush Pad

A brush pad suited for scrubbing grouted tile floors, concrete floors and poured non-slip floors. The coarse polyamide fibres penetrate deep into the surface and remove excessive dirt. The thick white backing is flexible for optimum use and to ensure the brush material reaches all uneven surfaces.



Black Striped Microfiber Brush Pad

A combination of aggressive polyester fibres and microfiber designed for deep cleaning and cleaning uneven surfaces, like tile floors and grouts. Thanks to the combination of the aggressive fibres and microfiber all parts of a floor are cleaned thoroughly through.






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