AGGRESSIVE - Black - Grit 100

Specifically designed to remove floor finish with only water.
Aggressive chemicals are no longer required!

Warning: for restoration purposes only!


VERY COARSE - Orange - Grit 200

Extra abrasive stripping pad, tear resistant and long wearing.
An open mesh construction allows solutions to flow through without build-up.

Warning: for restoration purposes only!




COARSE PLUS - Brown- Grit 350

Heavy-duty wet stripping pad with an aggressive texture.
This pad is optimal for removing wax, dirt and any finish.




COARSE - Red - Grit 400

The coarse pad is mainly used for heavy-duty surface renovation.
Intended for deep cleaning and as a base for the rest of the process.




MEDIUM - Blue - Grit 800

The medium pad can be used for deep cleaning and produces an economical ligh reflective finish. This pad is most popular in large industrial and commercial applications.




FINE - Yellow - Grit 1500

This fine pad is intended for both daily polishing and cleaning, producing a clear reflective shine.





VERY FINE - Green - Grit 3000

This very fine pad, used we or dry, will finish off the four step process leaving a polish to your floor with the highest shine available. Daily use will maintain and improve the polish.




ULTRA FINE - Cream - Grit 8000

Maintenance pad used for light cleaning and buffing.
Removes light scuff marks and dirt while producing a super high gloss finish.





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